WinterofdiscontentThe Winter of Discontent and images of rubbish uncollected and unburied dead were used by the Thatcher governments to define the economic and social failure of the 1970s Labour Party.

ConservativeHome understands that Tory strategists are considering a bold attempt to find a 21st Century equivalent that would define the Labour Party for another generation.

Under consideration is the compilation of a Domesday Book analysis of Labour’s legacy.  It would be one of the first acts of an incoming Conservative government.  New Cabinet ministers would be ordered to prepare an audit of their portfolios.  Four to six weeks later a Domesday statement of the extent of public borrowing, the weakness of the nation’s energy infrastructure, the weakness of family structure and so on would be published.  As well as serving as a statement of challenges it would then be hung around the neck of the Labour Party.

Tim Montgomerie

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