Northern Ireland’s ‘Consultative Group on the Past’, co-chaired by Lord Eames and Denis Bradley,  is to ask Gordon Brown to authorise £12,000 payments to the families of those who lost their lives in ‘The Troubles’ – including the families of IRA terrorists.  The overall cost of the plan would be about £40m.

Owen Paterson, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, issued this statement last night:

“I look forward to reading the full report next week but I could not support this particular proposal to reward all victims indiscriminately if it is included. Those people who carried out vicious acts of violence against innocent civilians and members of the legally established security forces cannot be put on the same level as their victims – any attempt to do so would be repugnant.”

The leaked recommendations were welcomed by Sinn Fein but the DUP First Minister Peter Robinson attacked them as "disappointing and disturbing".

Tim Montgomerie

> Lord Trimble discussed the plans on this morning’s Today programme.