Gordon Brown has just been on the Today programme repeatedly refusing to admit that he has presided over ‘boom and bust’.  David Cameron believes that Brown’s repeated tendency to spout "self-evident nonsense" will be a principal reason for his defeat.

Answering questions yesterday at the launch of the Progressive Conservatism Project the Tory leader said that there were more and more examples of Brown saying completely unbelievable things.  He listed…

  1. Brown’s claim to have not looked at opinion polls before calling off the autumn 2007 election;
  2. Brown’s self-serving, repeated and anti-American claim that the USA is responsible for Britain’s recession – although it was Mr Brown himself who has brought Britain to the weakest fiscal position and grimmest recession of any developed nation;
  3. His claim that the Tories were the do-nothing party on the recession even though (for example) the Conservatives had proposed a £50bn loan guarantee scheme – and two months before Labour got round to acting on this issue.

I’m sure ConHome readers can think of other examples.  My question is whether Brown himself is so self-deluded that he believes his only lies or does he just think that we’re all fools?

Tim Montgomerie