The Brown bounce is over.  The latest opinion poll points to a massive Labour defeat.  In today’s Independent, Matthew Taylor, former head of strategy to Tony Blair, is recommending that Labour accepts defeat honourably considers putting politics aside even if that leads to defeat.  But that thought doesn’t seem to be uppermost in the mind of Alistair Darling.  This morning’s Guardian reports that the Chancellor "has accepted that a second emergency package of tax and spending measures may be needed in this spring’s budget to claw the economy out of a deepening recession."  The first package may have been an expensive flop but that’s not a concern to the kamikaze politicians inside the Downing Street bunker.

As blogged before, the nothing-to-lose Labour Party is now the most dangerous thing in Britain.  If Brown throws more money at Britain’s problems he hopes against experience that his opinion poll position might just improve.  But he also knows that the incoming Conservative government will inherit nightmare levels of borrowing if this profligacy has no effect.  David Cameron will spend at least one parliament rescuing a sinking ship of state.

This is nothing short of massive economic vandalism.

Tim Montgomerie