Jonathan Isaby’s verdict:

"A score draw between Brown and Cameron, I think. The trading of Ken Clarke quotes only serves to bolster my view me that having him in the shadow cabinet would be a very divisive move and cause regular headaches for David Cameron and the Conservative Party. Also interesting to note Gordon Brown trying to play the world statesman by mentioning all the other world leaders he is regularly talking to – five or six got a namecheck today."

12.29 1922 committee chairman Sir Michael Spicer asks Brown: "Is he
still on for an early general election?" Brown says he has "no plans".

12.24 Richard BACON asks a question about PORK, in relation to his food-labelling bill.

12.22 Uxbridge Tory MP John Randall asks for a promise of a vote on
Heathrow expansion in the Commons. Brown sidesteps it, but basically
admitting that there would not be and that it would end up with a
planning inquiry,

12.20 Tory MP Simon Burns asks why we are still waiting for full
details of ministers’ interests as promised in July 2007. Brown says
that if it hasn’t been done, it will be done.

12.19 Jeremy Corbyn, Labour left-winger, accuses Israel of "war
crimes" in Gaza, to which Brown responds by repeating the terms of the
UN resolution.

12.17 Brown says that what the Government is now doing will help
small businesses through the difficulties and will not hesitate to take
further measures if necessary.

12.16 Nick Clegg asks why Brown is playing copycat with the Tory policies when he should be playing hardball with the banks.

12.14 Brown concludes by repeating his "do-nothing party" mantra at Cameron.

12.13 Cameron say retails leaders and experts agree with him. He
says that various measures the Government has implemented are not
working. "Isn’t he building up debt for Britain in an attempt to save
his own skin?"

12.12 Brown quotes Clarke again and repeats that Cameron is on the wrong side of the economic argument.

12.11 Cameron says Brown is isolated by having to put up taxes for
people on incomes of £19,000. He also quotes Ken Clarke as having
attacked the fiscal stimulus package – and pays tribute to Clarke’s
performance as Chancellor.

12.10 Brown taunts Cameron by saying that Ken Clarke and Norman
Lamint backed the VAT cut and repeats his claim that the Toires are
isolated around the world.

Picture_512.09 Cameron suggests that VAT cut was an "expensive failure".

12.08 Brown will not repeat that prediction.

12.06 Camron taunts Brown over copying Tory policies. "It’s not a
butler they need in Downing Street, its a photocopier." He challenges
Brown to repeat the prediciotn of the PBR about the recession ending by
Q3 this year.

12.05 Brown repeats his mantra that the recession is global and
claims that no government is copying Tory policy to counter the

12.03 David Cameron joins in the tribute to the fallen. he also
attacks the Government for not unilaterally agreeing to come to the
House to make a statement on the loan guarantee scheme. He asks Brown
to admit he was wrong to say he had abolished boom and bust.Picture_3

12.00 PMQs begins with a tribute from Gordon Brown to the members of
the armed forces killed in Afghanistan during the recess. Brown also
announces meetings with Sarkozy and Merkel this week.

Jonathan Isaby