Jonathan Isaby’s verdict:

No killer blows from David Cameron today, but he certainly scored more highly than Brown. The Prime Minister’s twin mantras about how the Tories would "do nothing" and it being a "world recession" are getting a little tedious week after week.

12.30 Sir Peter Tapsell asks about the value of gold today compared with when Brown started selling it as Chancellor. Brown says iut was right to "diversify our portfolio" and points out that he bought euros which are now worth more.

12.29 Andrew Selous (Con): Why has the pound fallen so sharply against the dollar and the euro? Brown cautions against the idea of targeting sterling.

12.21 Nigel Dodds of the DUP raises the "obnoxious" proposal of a £12,000 payment to relatives of victims on all sides in the Ulster conflict. Brown says the Government will consider the relevant report and decide what action to take in due course.

12.19 Graham Stuart (Con) is forced to withdraw a remark suggesting that the Prime tried to cover up MPs’ expenses claims last week. He then asks if Brown believes that Labour is whiter than whiter over the "peers for hire" allegations. Brown cites Baroness Royall’s article this morning calling for changes to the rules in the Lords.

12.18 Brown refuses to take a view about the BBC decision not to broadcast the appeal for aid in Gaza.

12.17 Brown again cites the IFS to back his belief that the fiscal
stimulus is the right thing to be doing in response to a question from
Tory, Andrew Murrison.

Nick Clegg asks about non-doms in the House of Lords and asks whether
rules can be changed to make all peers pay taxes in Britain. Brown
replies by talking about how the government is helping "ordinary

12.12 Cameron: Aren’t we in the death throes of a failed
premiership? Brown again repeats the mantra of it being a world
recession and that the Conservatives’ "do-nothing" approach would make
things worse. The PM also claims Ken Clarke’s support for some of what
the Government is doing.

12.10 Cameron says that America is not to blame for the recession,
despite Brown’s attempts to say so. He mocks the PM for talking about
the "birth pangs of a new global order"

Cameron responds to Brown’s accusations of student politics from
Cameron: "Only one of us was a student politician and he never grew out
of it". He again quotes what Brown has said before about recessions and
wants him again to admit to his blame.

12.05 Cameron: Brown damages himself when attacking the Opposition,
because he keeps imitating Tory ideas. He wants Brown to admit he is
the cause of the recessiona and that he didn’t abolish boom and bust.
Brown says he is taking the right action and the Tories woukd "do

12.04 Brown claims the recession would be deeper under the
Conservatives. Cameron accuses him of being complacent and refers to
what Brown once defined as a bust when giving evidence to the treasury
select committee.

12.03 David Cameron reels off the latest economic bad news and asks
how deeply the economy will have to retract before Brown admits this is
a bust.

Jonathan Isaby