Flag2When Ken Livingstone was London Mayor you were more likely to see honours for Hugo Chavez or some suicide-bomb-justifying-cleric.  Fortunately Boris is now Mayor.  Marking Barack Obama’s Inauguration, the man who put a portrait of The Queen up in City Hall, has the Stars & Stripes flying outside today.  Boris issued this statement:

"This is a momentous day and I’m proud to raise the US flag over City Hall. As an Englishman, born in New York, as an elected politician, as a democrat and addict of history, I’m inspired by the prospect of this great man entering the Oval office. We in the United Kingdom will always share a unique relationship with the United States. But the inauguration of Barack Obama, as the 44th President, is a cause for a very special celebration."

But – for those who aren’t Obama fans – there’s always Melanie Phillips.

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