In advance of an imminent shadow cabinet reshuffle, widely expected to take place this week – maybe even tomorrow – William Hague has taken to the airwaves to repeat several of the messages that David Cameron has put out during the last week, namely:

Here’s what Mr Hague said on Sky News this morning (quotes taken from

have been doing the deputy role for three years, what David Cameron was
talking about was making that more public. I have never known a more
cohesive team, with David Cameron, George Osborne and I working
together, and I have never seen a more mutually supportive team.It’s the greatest cohesion and working together in the Conservative party that I have seen for 20 years… I think, in
spirit, Ken Clarke is already back. Everybody has piled in to help."

Tim wrote earlier in the week that speculation about this reshuffle had got out of control – and he was absolutely right. As is always the case with reshuffle specualtion, every story is generally a collation of the previous few reports along with whatever new information-cum-rumour has been doing the rounds. In this reshuffle cycle, most of the names being written about have all been promoted/demoted/sacked/moved sideways several times over.

I hope that David Cameron gets on with it as soon as possible, put everyone out of their misery and we can look forward to following the fortunes of the rejuvenated team.

Jonathan Isaby