1,087 members voted in this survey which we put into the field at 3.30pm yesterday afternoon.

There’s a big welcome for David Cameron’s three biggest appointments.

The net approval for Ken Clarke’s appointment is particularly interesting.  When we asked in December if members wanted Ken back we got a fairly narrow 50% to 41% ‘yes vote’.  That has widened markedly now with just 22% disappointed at the decision now that it has been made.

Members are evenly divided however on the new Shadow Business Secretary’s impact on the party’s European policies.  37% fear that he will "block any moves towards more Euroscepticism" and 39% think he won’t.

Other survey findings are very positive:

  • 76% agree that "the shadow cabinet is now punchier, readier for battle";
  • 75% agree that "the economic policy team is much strengthened";
  • 71% agree that "Grayling, Pickles and Clarke protect the party leadership from Labour’s ‘Tory Toffs’ attack";
  • Only 26% agree that "the reshuffle shifts the party somewhat towards the Left".

Tory members are also relaxed about the Obama effect.  On a forced choice question:

  • 62% agreed that "President Obama will have no big effect on British politics";
  • 24% agreed that "President Obama’s representation of change will help Cameron politically";
  • Only 14% agreed that "President Obama’s fiscal stimulus package will help Brown politically".