Even those who are sceptical about global warming can probably see much to welcome in today’s announcement by David Cameron and Greg Clark that the Conservatives plan to install smart meters in every UK home.  The meters would be linked to the National Grid and would tell people when it would be cheaper to use electricity for, for example, recharging their electric car or for other electrical appliances that do not need peak time input.

Originally planned for announcement yesterday – but delayed by 24 hours because of the Heathrow decision – the smart meters plan would cost £1bn and is being described by David Cameron as the "internet for electricity".

Mr Cameron discussed his green plans during a successful live webcast a little while ago with The Independent’s Geoffrey Lean.  Watch it again via the bottom of this page.

On this morning’s Today programme Greg Clark announced that every home would be entitled to a £6,500 energy efficiency voucher.  This voucher could be used for loft and cavity wall insulations that would quickly pay for themselves.  The householders would never write a cheque.  The energy companies would have to make the up-front efficiency improvements and be paid back over time through energy bills.  Dr Clark said that this was a great policy for difficult economic times as the home improvements would create jobs in the building trade and save households money – as well as helping Britain move towards a low carbon economy.  Listen again to Greg here and visit for more information.