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"David Cameron praised Barack Obama for setting out “a different agenda” and for putting the emphasis on responsibility ahead of his inauguration.  In a radio interview on 5 Live, David stressed, “He’s not saying, ‘I will make all the changes myself’; he’s not saying ‘I’m a top-down politician who can just pull the levers and change the world.’ He’s saying we are all in this together and we have all got to bring this change about.”

David welcomed Obama’s message that change comes when everyone plays their part – and stressed, “What I find so convincing about his speeches and about what I think he will say today is this emphasis on responsibility.”

David said today would be an “emotional” day, with America having gone from segregation to a black President in a few decades.   “The most emotional thing I found was when you watched those people in America talking about how they took pictures of their parents into the polling stations – that really brought home to me just what it means to people to see this happen.”"

Earlier today Ben Brogan noted that Team Obama will have observed Brown’s falling poll ratings.  America’s 44th President will know that they may have a year of Brown in Downing Street but the strong likelihood is that the vast majority of his presidency will overlap with David Cameron as UK PM.

> Full text of Obama’s Inaugural Address

Update: David Cameron issued this statement to the Wall Street Journal: ""Responsibility is the most defining value of my politics. So for me the most important phrase in the speech was this: "What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility". This passage was important because he wasn’t saying that he can change the world single-handedly, he was saying that it is only if we all do our bit that we can get the change we want. Before he’d even moved into the White House he’d already achieved something that only the greatest Presidents achieve: inspiring people to have faith in their capacity to make a difference in the world."