That’s the suggestion of a YouGov poll carried out by The Taxpayers’ Alliance and Global Vision and released to tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph.  The Sun Tel’s Patrick Hennessy warns that that number will only harden if Ken Clarke returns to the Conservative frontbench in the much anticipated reshuffle.

Overall voting intentions for next June’s elections are (with 2004 actual voting percentages in brackets):

  • Conservatives 35% (26.7%)
  • Labour 29% (22.6%)
  • Liberal Democrats 15% (14.9%)
  • UKIP 7% (16.1%)
  • Greens 5% (6.3%)
  • BNP 4% (4.9%)

The poll also finds that 16% of Britons want to leave the EU altogether and another 48% want a looser relationship.  64% reject Euro membership.