Yesterday evening we blogged the latest ComRes poll and its finding that the Tory lead had grown to 5%.

Within the detail of its poll The Independent finds that the Conservative lead would grow markedly if voters focused on the Tory policy of using public expenditure restraint to try and avoid higher taxes:

"Asked how they would vote if the Tories committed themselves to a lower level of public spending than Labour and to try not to raise taxes – Mr Cameron’s current policy – 49% said Tory, 32% Labour and 11% the Liberal Democrats. There was a similar result when people were asked how they would vote if Labour committed itself to higher public spending than the Tories and admitted it was likely to mean an increase in some personal taxes – Mr Brown’s current position. The figures were: Tory 48%, Labour 30%, Liberal Democrats 13%."

Proof – if further proof was needed – that the public mood on tax and spending has flipped since 1997.

Tim Montgomerie

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