It’s a relatively quiet news day, but the one issue which has been exercising politicians  is the Government’s quiet sale of its remaining share in the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, as featured on the front page of today’s Independent.

Shadow defence minister, Gerald Howarth, has taken to the airwaves to condemn the move, suggesting that the Government must be "strapped for cash" and that by failing to announce the move to the House of Commons it is "holding Parliament in contempt in respect to Britain’s nuclear capabilities".

PoliticsHome records the reaction he has given to the BBC:

“It has even been announced here. Parliament hasn’t been told. There
has always been a reluctance by this Labour government to be open and
frank about issues to do with the nuclear deterrent. What we want to know is what are the strategic implications of this.

suspect that it’s another sale by the government, in this kind of fire
sale they’re undertaking. Obviously Gordon Brown is strapped for cash,
and he wants to get the money from wherever he can. There is also a
real reluctance to interact with Parliament on something that is
absolutely crucial.”

Jonathan Isaby

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