The 76,000 increase in unemployment was huge.  Larger rises are likely over the coming months and we also face what Peter Riddell calls the ‘Woolies moment’ when up to 30,000 people lose their jobs across the country.  Soon after – in February, March, April – there’ll be a realisation that Brown’s activism hasn’t prevented the worst recession in the developed world.  There’ll be a lot of anxious families this Christmas.

Reacting to the unemployment data, Chris Grayling issued this statement:

“My fear is that the Government is being complacent about the nature of
the challenge we face.   These figures are seriously alarming, and a
sign that things are getting much worse even before Christmas.  Yet
Gordon Brown seems to think that his actions have solved our problems
already.  The reality is that’s just not true.  Britain needs an urgent
programme to tackle rising unemployment – but as yet the Government has
done virtually nothing to address the problem.”

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