So an "upbeat" David Cameron joked at a meeting of Tory MPs ahead of today’s debate on the Queen’s speech and, more newsworthily, the Speaker’s statement on the police raid on Damian Green’s Commons office.  Dizzy may not be impressed; he’s already worried that last night’s Tory video is in danger of belittling the seriousness of the Green affair.

Benedict Brogan blogs that the Tory whips are determined to stop "hotheads" from getting too excited today:

"Various big beasts gathered with David Cameron last night to discuss tactics for today, and agreed that the hotheads should be locked up and kept out of sight, leaving the way clear for calmer heads to take the lead this afternoon."

It is widely reported that two of those calmer heads will be Michael Howard and Ken Clarke.  They are expected to lead questioning of Michael Martin when he makes his 2.30pm statement should Mr Speaker not provide a satisfactory explanation and announce a debate on what happened.  The latest buzz is that he’ll find time for a debate tomorrow.

Meanwhile The Times’ Sam Coates suggests that The Speaker had no powers to prevent the police from entering the parliamentary estate.

And from the red corner Lord Mandelson is leading a Labour fightback, more-or-less accusing the Conservatives of a conspiracy to break the law.  Iain Dale has the story.

ConservativeHome will be liveblogging the Speaker’s statement at 2.30pm and, later in the afternoon, David Cameron’s response to the Queen’s Speech.  Stay tuned!

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