Highlights, not verbatim:

2.30pm: I did not want to make comment about "grave" matters surrounding arrest of the Member for Ashford, Damian Green to anyone other than the House.

Today I do not intend to comment on the allegations facing Mr Green.

Parliamentary privilege has never prevented the operation of the criminal law.

The precincts of the House cannot and should not be a haven from the law.

The Metropolitan Police informed the Sergeant-at-Arms that an arrest of a Damian Green was possible last week.

I was not told that the police did not have a warrant.  The police did not tell the Sergeant that there was a right to object.

I regret that a consent form was then signed by the Sergeant without alerting the Clerk.

I never personally authorised the search of the office.

In future a warrant will always be required for a search and my personal approval will be required.

A new protocol will be released formalising this.

I am establishing a committee of seven senior MPs to investigate this matter and there will be a debate in the Commons next Monday.

Michael Howard rises to make a point of order – calling the arrest of Damian Green an "attack" on parliament – and calls for freedom in next Monday’s debate to question Government Ministers and House authorities.

2.42pm: Ming Campbell rises to ask if the new Speaker’s committee will examine the behaviour of the police as well as the House authorities.

2.45pm: John Reid rises to say that the Speaker’s inquiry must also ensure that MPs are not protected from proper police enquiries.

Damian Green rises to say that an MP who exposes government failings should not be treated the same as an MP who endangers national security.

2.47pm: Iain Duncan Smith expresses concerns that the Government should not be able to draft a motion next Monday that prejudices the terms of the debate.

2.50pm: Douglas Hogg says it is a "scandal" and "deplorable" that Commons authorities had a right to refuse request to search Commons office.

5.30pm VIDEO of Michael Martin’s statement.

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