EDITORIAL VERDICT: One of the most uneventful PMQs for some time. ToryBear finds that the Hague is still Tory leader site is owned by William  Hague!

12.20pm Nigel Waterson urges Harriet Harman to address the "nonsense" of the Government assuming 10% interest on savings when pensioners are tested for benefit entitlements. No social group has benefited more from this Government than pensioners replies Labour’s Deputy Leader.

12.17pm: Vince Cable asks about home repossessions. The Government’s house repossession initiative is only reaching 1-in-10 of those in arrears.   

Picture_512.13pm: Unemployment, debt and taxes are rising says Hague, good businesses are going to the wall. If this is what happens when Brown saves the world I dread what will happen when he moves on to the entire solar system. We’d rather have "Superman" leading our party, says Harriet Harman, than a party led "by a joker".  She then jokes about this William Hague website which still describes the current Shadow Foreign Secretary as Leader of the Conservative Party.

12.09pm: This House won’t be sitting for another month, says Hague: How many people will lose their jobs while the Government is dithering over whether to underwrite bank lending?  At this crucial time, says Harriet Harman, Tory plans to "cut public spending" will be devastating to the economy. Tory ideas, she says, are not worth the press releases they are printed on.  She then misrepresents Tory policy by saying that the Conservatives are only concerned about lowering interest rates.

12.05pm: In his second question William Hague says that the Government must follow the Conservatives in offering to underwrite bank lending to businesses. Ms Harman lists a variety of measures that the Government is taking to help businesses.

12.03pm: William Hague rises. Why hasn’t anyone been arrested for leaking the news of British troops withdrawing from Iraq? After that rhetorical question Mr Hague says that it is clearly time for a full inquiry into the war. There is no excuse for further delay.  Harriet Harman says there will be an inquiry once our fighting forces are home.

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