After a couple of encouraging polls in the immediate wake of the Pre-Budget Report, tomorrow’s Independent carries a new ComRes poll which reduces the Conservative lead over Labour to a single percentage point.

The figures are:

If repeated at the next General Election this is projected to give Labour an overall majority of 10 in the House of Commons.

The poll was conducted between Friday and Sunday and shows a significant boost in Labour support among its working class support base (Labour backing rising from 35 per cent to 51 per cent in the last month among the DE social group).

The Tory lead is its narrowest in any poll since January, when an Ipsos MORI survey put Labour one point ahead.

Jonathan Isaby

7am, Tuesday: "Labour’s private polling has found strong support among the party’s traditional supporters for the Chancellor Alistair Darling’s surprise decision to bring in a higher top rate of tax in 2011. One Labour source said last night: "People wanted to see decisive action taken on the economy. What is hurting the Tories is that they have boxed themselves into a corner where they are the ‘do-nothing’ party." Although some Tory MPs are worried that the party is suffering from a lack of economic policies, allies of David Cameron are urging them to "hold their nerve". They believe the polls will turn against Labour next year as the recession bites." – The Independent

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