Talking to ConHome, Jeremy Hunt said:

"David Cameron is absolutely determined that the Conservatives will be the most technologically literate of all parties at next election. That requires a root and branch reform of our campaigning. Online campaigning is essential to reaching younger voters who don’t have tribal loyalties of many older voters. It is a huge challenge for us to match what America’s political parties did in the presidential elections. Having seen the online team that has been assembled I am hopeful that we’ll be able to stay ahead of the game.  I’m really looking forward to my new role."

This new role for Jeremy Hunt is confirmation of the Tory leadership’s high view of him.

Alongside Eric Pickles and Chris Grayling he is a hot tip to be the next Party Chairman if Caroline Spelman is moved or resigns.  The Observer’s Gaby Hinsliff reports that Mrs Spelman may receive an "unsatisfactory acquittal".  The length of the inquiry into Mrs Spelman’s employment of her former nanny and secretary is of enormous frustration to the Tory leadership.  With CCHQ ready for an election as early as next month – and more possibly by April – David Cameron may now decide it’s too close to an election to change Chairman.

> Video profile of Jeremy Hunt

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