One shadow cabinet minister told me earlier that it was "past time" for the Conservative Party to stop "fretting" about the Damian Green affair and focus on the economy – as David Cameron did this morning – but a blog from Richard Benyon MP suggests that the Green affair may be far from over:

"My gut feeling tells me that the Damian Green affair will expose an interesting further abuse of power. I suspect the Police have been accessing the House of Commons server. Fascinating, I hear you say. Well hang in there with me and you will see where this is going. Accessing the server is no different to searching my office. On this system will be every email I have ever received or sent through my office or when working from home, on my Parliamentary email. If they need a warrant to search Damain’s office they sure as hell need one to follow an email trail through the server and the House of Commons computer system. It is for this reason that I asked the Speaker in a Point of Order last week where the server stood in relation to the Damain Green affair and something called the Wilson Doctrine.  The latter was a protocol agreed in the 1960s about the bugging of MPs. I have just heard that the Speaker will make a statement on this matter at 3.30 pm this afternoon."

I’ll update this post once the Speaker has spoken…

3.35pm: The Speaker has told the Commons that no access was given to the server and no access was taken.

Tim Montgomerie

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