Further to Jonathan’s post earlier today, the Daily Mail is reporting that "William Hague threatened to lead a Shadow Cabinet walk-out if David
Cameron forced his frontbench to give up high-earning second jobs."  Two other resignations were also possible, reports the Mail’s Benedict Brogan.

In many ways Mr Hague is proof that it is possible to combine outside interests and a high profile portfolio.  Although he actively pursues outside interests – earning an additional £230,000 last year – he regularly tops the satisfaction league when ConservativeHome asks party members to judge shadow cabinet performance.  His net satisfaction rating was +85% in the most recent survey.

His critics would, however, point to an under-developed Conservative foreign policy and his reported opposition to becoming Shadow Chancellor should a vacancy arise.  Steve Hilton, a key adviser to Mr Cameron, has been critical of Mr Hague’s reluctance to undertake more media for the party.

Alan Duncan, Shadow Business Secretary, is most vulnerable in the next reshuffle.  His outside interests have been a growing concern to Team Cameron although it is reported that he is cutting back on them.

Tim Montgomerie

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