Today’s New Statesman contain an article (not yet online) in which it is suggested that after meeting David Cameron in London in July, the now President-elect described the Tory leader as "a lightweight".

Its author James McIntyre suggests:

"On meeting Cameron, Obama was, according to diplomatic sources,
“distinctly unimpressed”, contrary to some reports (excitedly spun by
the Conservatives) which suggested that the two men had formed an
instant “bond”. Instead, I have been told, Obama exclaimed of Cameron
after their meeting: “What a lightweight!” He apparently also asked
officials about Tory Euroscepticism. Soon, word about the rather
awkward encounter between the two self-professed candidates of change
made its way quietly round the upper echelons of Whitehall."

If this is true, I find it astounding that it has taken nearly six months to reach the public domain. Furthermore, the video footage of the two men at that meeting suggested to me that the pair were not only very comfortable in each other’s company (unlike the Brown/Obama encounter) but, dare I say it, that they could do business in the (now highly likely) event of them both leading their respective countries in the not too distant future.

Do you think the New Statesman account rings true?

Jonathan Isaby

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