The last fortnight and a half has been a very long one for Damian Green and his family.

It was back on 27th November that the shadow immigration minister was arrested and questioned for having received and then made public leaked information from the Home Office, as a squad of anti-terror police raided his Commons office and scoured his homes, seizing papers, telephones and computer equipment in the process.

Today, there are reports in the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times which state that the police are preparing to drop the case against him, not least because of the "bungled and possibly unlawful way in which his House of Commons office was searched".

ConservativeHome has previously made it clear that we believe Damian Green was acting in the public interest and guilty of nothing more than doing his job, so any suggestion that the case is to be dropped must be welcomed.

However, it may not be until he is due to answer bail in February that he is officially given the all clear. For the sake of him, his family and the wider political process, the sooner this can be done the better.

And only then will Damian Green be able to give a full account of events, which will doubtless raise a further raft of questions about how an Opposition MP came to be treated in this way.

Jonathan Isaby

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