No organisation is immune from the recession and ConservativeHome has learnt that 16 to 24 jobs are likely to be lost at CCHQ in coming weeks.  Staff were informed yesterday.

The difficult financial climate – and recent (probably temporary) slippage in the polls – has hit fundraising and forced CCHQ to take a close look at how it uses all resources.

In addition to the redundancies we also understand that there will be a pay and hiring freeze across CCHQ.

A spokesman told ConservativeHome that there is never an ideal time to tell people that they will be losing their jobs and before Christmas is a particularly difficult time but the decision was taken to inform people now rather than later.

We wish all those losing their jobs the very best in finding new employment.

Thursday, 5pm: The Guardian now has more on the scale of the financial retrenchment at CCHQ.