Christmas quiz time. Three of the following quotations are from an article by David Cameron in The Sunday Telegraph and three from Church of England Bishops.  Can you guess which are which?

  1. “Labour made a lot of promises, but a lot of them have vanished into thin air.  We have not seen a raising of aspirations in the last 13 years, but instead there is a sense of hopelessness."
  2. "If "Iraq" is the word that Tony Blair’s famous "hand of history" chisels on his political tombstone, then for Gordon Brown the words "Debt Crisis" will serve as a suitable epitaph."
  3. "It is not Labour’s turbo‑capitalism we need, where a blind eye is turned to every corporate excess."
  4. “The Government isn’t telling people who are already deep in debt to stop overextending themselves, but instead is urging us to spend more. That is morally suspect and morally feeble. It is unfair and irresponsible of the Government to put pressure on the public to spend in order to revive the economy.”
  5. "If it is right to demand personal responsibility from the welfare claimant, the absent father or the career criminal then it is right to expect corporate responsibility from the chief executive, the hedge‑fund manager and the City fraudster, too."
  6. "It is ironic that under a Labour government we have the poor feeling they have been betrayed and the gap is getting ever greater."

The answers are Cameron is responsible for quotations 2, 3 and 5. Rt Rev Tom Wright gave quote 1, Rt Rev Stephen Lowe quote 4 and Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch quote 6.  All from a report in The Sunday Telegraph.

David Cameron recently met churchleaders of all denominations as part of a continuing outreach programme to churches coordinated by the Conservative Christian Fellowship.

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