A week is a long time in politics, as the saying goes, and the last seven days are certainly testament to that.

The week began with Alistair Darling’s Pre-Budget Report, which showed the country heading for record borrowing, and a devastating attack on the Government’s economic record by George Osborne.

The following day, Nick Wood wrote on this website that Labour had made it virtually impossible for themselves to win the next election. And the opinion polls published this weekend – carried out since Monday’s PBR – would seem to back up that assertion, showing Tory leads of 15 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

But those polls were both taken before the full details emerged about the arrest of Tory immigration spokesmen Damian Green on Thursday afternoon.

And whilst his plight has understandably had less media prominence on account of the terrorist atrocities in India, I believe that the public will feel a sense of outrage about his treatment and the position of the Government in the whole affair, which, even if not complicit (as it claims), has stood by, unconcerned about the implications it has for democratic accountability of the executive.

Will we be able to look back in 18 months’ time and conclude that this was the week which determined the result of the next election?

Jonathan Isaby

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