There has been much criticism in the media of George Osborne’s response to the economic crisis over the past couple of weeks.

The consensus has been that not only are the measures the party is proposing too timid, but that David Cameron and George Osborne have not been forthright enough in their criticism of the Government.

The leader in today’s Daily Telegraph repeats that allegation, but then that was written before this morning’s Times hit the newstands, in which the Shadow Chancellor delivers what is already being written up as his fiercest attack yet on the Government.

He lays the blame for the country’s current economic position clearly at the door of Gordon Brown and then steps into controversial territory.

"We are in danger, if the Government is
not careful, of having a proper sterling collapse," he says, breaching the convention that shadow chancellors do not predict runs on the pound.

Will this robust move silence his critics? Or will he now be accused of going too far?

Jonathan Isaby

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