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9pm: My understanding is that Damian Green, Shadow Immigration Minister, has been arrested but not charged for receiving information covered by the Official Secrets Act.

9pm from James Kirkup @ The Telegraph: "The following facts have just been supplied to journalists at Westminster by Conservative Party spokesmen: "Damian Green, the Conservative immigration spokesman was arrested earlier today. He was detained on suspicion of aiding or procuring misconduct in public office.  The arrest is connected to the disclosure of several Home Office documents over the last year. Police officers searched Mr Green’s home in Kent and his Commons office. At the time of posting, he remains under arrest at a central London police station.  He has not been charged with any crime. Mr Green denies any wrongdoing and and has not been charged with any crime."

9.05pm: The papadoms have arrived at my table in the Indian, Rochester Row!

Tim Montgomerie

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