Events are moving so fast now but MORI has just published an opinion poll lead for the Tories of just 3%.

Compared to one month ago, the Conservatives are down 5% to 40%.  Labour are up 7% to 37%.  The LibDems are down 2% to 12%.  The fieldwork was carried out from 14th to 16th November.  As the CH graphic records, the ConHome Poll of Polls is now back in hung parliament territory:


1.15pm: "Brown’s personal ratings have increased from last month: while half (50%) remain dissatisfied with Gordon Brown, this figure has dropped 9 points from 59% last month and 19 points from 69% in September. In addition, his satisfaction ratings have risen six points to 41% in November. It seems that Brown’s leadership during the current economic situation (both nationally and internationally) has served to improve his personal ratings with the public." (From MORI).

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