Shadow Transport Secretary Theresa Villiers has summarily rejected Boris Johnson’s idea of a new airport in the Thames estuary – and let it be known to the world by way of a letter to a Lib Dem MP.

The Evening Standard is reporting that the suggestion of creating a new airport on a man-made island in the Thames Estuary – so-called "Boris island" – would not be considered by a future Conservative government.

In a letter to Norman Baker, the Lib Dem transport spokesman, Ms Villiers states:

"With regard to media debate on the possibility of a new airport in
the Thames Estuary, this is not an option at which the Conservative
party is looking.

"Boris Johnson is considering a range of
ideas relevant to transport and aviation links to our capital city but
this is his own initiative."

The idea had worried environmentalists and local residents alike – many of whom live in marginal constituencies. It is also unclear exactly what jurisdiction the London mayor would have over such a proposal in any case.

Bizarrely, two local Kent newspapers this morning give completely contradictory reports of Boris’s position on the matter.

The Gravesend Reporter states that "Boris Johnson has assured campaigners that he will not push to build an airport on Cliffe marshes", whilst the Kent Messenger reports that "a controversial proposal for an off-shore airport in the Thames estuary
near Sheppey has taken a significant step forward after London Mayor
Boris Johnson confirmed a feasibility study would be carried out into
his idea".

Update: As those with a better knowledge of the geography of North Kent have pointed out, the Cliffe proposal is indeed in a different location to that which Boris is talking about.

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