The tragic scandal of ‘Baby P’ becomes bigger every day.  The Daily Mail reveals that "Four ministers were warned six months before the death of Baby P that social workers in his area were ‘out of control’." "They were told," the Mail reports, "that Haringey social services department was failing to protect children."

In today’s Sun, Jon Gaunt congratulates David Cameron for raising the issue at PMQs:

"Cameron was bang on the money and in tune with the British public on Wednesday when he attacked Brown in the Commons. And the Bottler showed his true colours when, in response, he accused him of playing party politics. There was no party politics. But Labour have been playing at social engineering for the past 11 years. I believe the ultimate responsibility lies with them and the Guardianistas that they have created in every section of public life. Of course everyone directly involved in Baby P’s case must be sacked."

Gaunt continues (our emphasis):

"The RSPCA wouldn’t have visited this flat 60 times and done sod all. But the SS — that’s social services by the way — in Haringey left Baby P at the mercy of his “mother” and believed her lies. Why? Probably because they didn’t want to be judgmental and because they subscribed to the New Labour mantra of accepting all kinds of family."

In a chilling article for yesterday’s Guardian, Iain Duncan Smith noted the huge preponderance of abuse within broken families:

"Today 25% of children in this country live in single parent families and this trend is set to accelerate. These children are three to six times more likely to experience abuse."


"A recent US study found that children living with a non-biological adult are 50 times more likely to die from afflicted injuries than those living with their biological parents."

Another reason why more needs to be done to promote the two parent family and the marriage bond.  On today’s ConservativeHome, Nick Gulliford does just that in the context of the work of local authorities.

Tim Montgomerie

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