It is one of the strongest features of Britain’s Conservative revival that
the biggest beasts are in the Tory jungle.  Putting aside for a moment the frontbench, there’s David Davis and his
championing of civil liberties.  Boris Johnson – barnstorming in
defence of George Osborne this morning
.  Ken Clarke.  John Redwood.
Chris Patten.  Even John Major is deservedly enjoying something of a comeback following this
summer’s recognition of what his National Lottery has done for UK
sport.  The figure most mentioned by David Cameron is Iain Duncan
Smith, however.  Written off when his leadership ended in 2003, the compassionate mission of his Centre for Social Justice is
now hugely influential.  And don’t take my biased word for it…

Today, The Daily Mail devotes its leader column to IDS’ renaissance.  You can read it in full here.

Tim Montgomerie

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