The News of the World reports that David Cameron hopes to stop his shadow cabinet from pursuing outside interests as the General Election approaches.  A "source from David Cameron’s office" told the newspaper:

“We cannot have potential conflicts of interests as we try to look like a government-in-waiting. However, this is not a popular project and we are getting a lot of resistance. There will come a point when David will have to issue an order but we are worried we could lose some people over this.”

"A senior member of the Shadow Cabinet" commented:

“I don’t want to take a pay cut 18 months before a general election just so it looks good on paper. We all go to extraordinary lengths to ensure there are no conflicts of interests. Some people could lose out on £200,000 a year by this, and I know one or two would walk out if that were imposed now.”

Criticism of the shadow cabinet’s outside interests reached a peak in the summer of last year.  The Daily Mail’s Ben Brogan worried that a ‘part-time’ shadow cabinet was being insufficiently energetic in attacking Gordon Brown.

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