Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has hit back at his critics during an assured performance on BBC1’s on the sofa with Andrew Marr this morning.

He made a number of points, including:

  • It is his job to show the choice the people will face at the next election between a Labour Government which has been fiscally irresponsible and a Tory one which would be fiscally responsible;
  • He believes that he and the Conservatives have been proved right in their economic judgments over the last couple of years;
  • He is still committed to "sharing the proceeds of growth" over an economic cycle;
  • The recent devaluation of sterling has been greater than any other devaluation in the last forty years;
  • He highlighted Ken Clarke’s statement that there was no convention that shadow chancellors do not comment on sterling;
  • He said that (contrary to press reports during the week) he was still working on strategy and election planning, not least because the economy would be such a big election issue.

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