Jonathan Isaby’s verdict: A relatively rowdy session during which the Speaker had to slap down Labour MPs for barracking David Cameron as he raised a very serious point about the investigation into children’s services at Haringey council. Brown’s decision to accuse Cameron of making party political points clearly angered Cameron, and seemed to persuade him to drop his questions about the economy in favour of pursuing the points on Haringey. Brown failed to answer the substantive point every time it was put and allowed Cameron to come out on top.

12.29pm Tory 1922 committee chairman Sir Michael Spicer asks a brilliant, short, sharp question: "What was the economic theory behind the end of boom and bust?" Brown’s reply was waffle.

12.28pm Brown mocks George Osborne and Tory policy over the fuel duty stabiliser in answer to a patsy question from Labour’s Mark Todd.

12.27pm Labour backbencher Andy Slaughter raises his concerns about the third runway at Heathrow, with Brown saying that yesterday’s Commons debate was an important opportunity to debate the issues.

Picture_712.26pm Tory James Arbuthnot raises the issue of the post office credit account and Brown claims the Government is doing all they can to support the Post Office network.

12.24pm Lib Dem Greg Mulholland highlights the level of funding of research into dementia as "appalling" but Brown claims that more money is being invested in all kinds of medical research.

12.20pm The SNP’s Angus Roberston asks for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq and for an inquiry into the war.

12.18pm Lib Dem Bob Russell asks about giving British residency rights to Gurkhas; Brown says the Government is studying the recent high court judgment on the issue.

12.17pm Labour MP Claire Curtis-Thomas expresses disappointment that Lord Mandelson has withdrawn an offer to meet her and constituents to discuss an issue; Brown says he is sure Mandelson would be happy to see her.

Picture_912.16pm Clegg repeats his demand for tax cuts for ordinary people; Brown repeats his attack on Lib Dem policy.

12.15pm Nick Clegg asks why anyone should believe what Gordon Brown says on tax. Brown says that if he’d listened to the Lib Dems, he’d be cutting public spending by £20 billion this year.

12.13pm Cameron again asks the substantive question as to whether it is wrong for someone to be investigating their own department’s conduct. Brown again fails to give a straight answer to the question.

Picture_812.11pm The Speaker has to call for order as Cameron again demands Brown withdraw the accusation that Cameron was playing party politics.   

12.08pm Brown fails to give a straight answer, instead accusing Cameron of trying to make it into a patry political issue. Cameron calls that remark "cheap" and asks Brown to withdraw it.

Picture_612.05pm Cameron asks about the Baby P case, wondering if Brown agrees that it is unacceptable that the person in charge of the childrens’ services department is investigating her own department. Brown prevaricates and Cameron attempts to ask the question a third time.

12.04pm Cameron: "Only the Prime Minister could be quite so smug on the day that 142,000 people lost their jobs"

12pm Tory Richard Ottaway asked if Gordon Brown would buck the historical trend and that unemployment would be lower when Labour leave office than when they came to office. Brown claimed to have created 3 million jobs and mocked the Tories for having previously described unemployment as being "a price worth paying".

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