Someone at The Speccie with a sense of humour has put Peter Mandelson and George Osborne on the same table. We’ll let you know if bread rolls start being thrown…

2pm: George Osborne is presenting awards.

Newcomer of year is Peter Mandelson. Mr O looks distinctly uncomfortable presenting it! "it’s good to be back on board as they say in Corfu" says Lord M accepting.

"For next year’s holiday" replies Mr O "we’ll be holidaying in the North Sea off Hartlepool – a place neither of us have visited for a long time."

GO reveals that Michael Gove plays Brown at PMQs prep and is better than the real thing.

Inquisitor of the year: Frank Field for opposing Labour on 10p. The
award is premmature however as 6m people are still losing out.

Peer of the year: Baroness Manningham Buller for campaigning against 42 days.

Speech of the year: Diane Abbot for accusing Labour of playing politics on 42 days.

Resignation of the year: David Davis… For 42 days! Other battles
lie ahead DD says on ID cards and databases but we’ll win those too!

Minister to watch: Ed Miliband. No longer the other Ed or the other Miliband says Matt D’Ancona.

Campaigner of the year: Ben Wallace for being the first MP to declare all his expenses.

Readers’ represenative: Nadine Dorries for her abortion campaign. ND
thanks the Mail and Telegraph newspapers and News of the World for
being decisive in changing the public mood.

Parliamentarian: Vince Cable. Says he really enjoys receiving the award from GO.

Politician of the year: Boris for doing what Maggie and Blair couldn’t do; beat Ken Livingstone.

IPhone about to run out of battery so I may not complete awards list until later.

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