In an article for the News of the World David Cameron hits nearly all of the right notes:

There’s empathy:
"I know how tough times are right now. Jobs, homes and businesses are being lost. People need help . . . and they need it fast. They want to know politicians are on their side—not the other side of the world."

There’s a stronger attitude on tax relief: "Lower taxes are in my DNA — it’s one of the reasons I came into politics. I know it’s your money and I know you want some of it back."

There’s this on debt: "This government has maxed out our nation’s credit card—and they want to keep on spending by getting another. We believe we need to get a grip, be responsible and help families now in a way that doesn’t cost us our future."

We say "nearly all" because the Tory leader needs to say still more about public sector waste.  Taxpayers know that the state isn’t spending their money well and want a refund.  It appears that that is what the party is going to offer.  Both the News of the World and The Sunday Telegraph report that the Tories will be announcing a fully-funded tax cut within days.