Picture_14The above story – click here – detailing the breakdown in security that has stemmed from Labour’s failure to control our borders is one very good reason why Damian Green was certainly acting in the public interest when he received information of a confidential nature from within Whitehall.  Much is still unconfirmed but this – ConHome is being told – is one of the stories resulting from Damian Green’s source(s).

There is also something extraordinarily over-the-top in how nine counter-intelligence officers were involved in today’s operation against Damian Green.

And why today when Parliament has gone into temporary recess before the Queen’s Speech?  Did the Government want to avoid awkward parliamentary questions?

Tim Montgomerie

Alistair Burt MP has left this (verified) comment:

"This man is my friend whom I have known for over thirty years. A more conscientious and public spirited politician you could not hope to find. I hope the Goverment has good lawyers to defend itself in due course, because Damian’s friends will take them to the cleaners if he does not. When we think about the deception and deceit which has characterised this Government, the arrest of an Opposition politician just takes the biscuit. A step too far. We now have to remove not just a useless Government, but a dangerous one. And you can quote me."

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