Today’s opinion poll for YouGov in the Sunday Times has the Conservatives ten points ahead of Labour:


Anthony Wells of YouGov and UK Polling Report comments:

"The poll was conducted between the 9th and 10th October so, while the Populus poll in the middle of week would have caught part of the recent economic troubles, this is the first poll to taken after the government’s rescue plan. While the change from YouGov’s last poll isn’t that dramatic, looking at the wider trend it is a significant improvement for the government when you consider that from May to September YouGov were consistently showing Tory leads in the region of 20 points."

Wells notes that while the poll shows more trust for Brown and Darling than Cameron and Osborne in the current crisis, it also shows a preference for the Conservative team over longer-term issues like the standard of living.

Few voters welcome the return of Peter Mandelson.

> Over at ConservativeInternational we note that many centre right parties are suffering from the financial global crisis.

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