Last week we gave a warm welcome to the new  Ten days on we have to say that The Blue Blog needs a lot of work.  The posts from Shazia Awan have read more like the diary of a boy band fan than a blog worthy of a serious political party.  Shazia’s last entry was entitled ‘I shook David’s hand!’  Her entry for the day of David Cameron’s Party Conference speech was close to a parody:


We’re sure Ms Awan is a good and genuine person but The Blue Blog needs to treat its readers with more intelligence and its posts need to be more regular.  There have been no updates since Thursday.  CCHQ should be capable of blogging at least once a day.

Topics – making the reasonable assumption that the blog is most likely to be read by political enthusiasts – could include explanation of policies by shadow ministers; alerts for forthcoming media interviews by party spokesmen; publication of interesting campaign materials; CCHQ staffers explaining their roles; and outside experts commenting on big news events.  An ‘insidery feel’ could be TBB’s USP.

Any other ideas?

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