Another opinion poll!  Channel 4 and YouGov have carried out a second poll of target seats.  The last survey in early September found the Tories heading for a majority of 150 on the back of a 13% lead.  This time the Tory lead is down to 5% – which would translate to a Tory majority of 54.  Much more here.

2.30pm update

Within the detail of the poll there’s some good news for the Conservatives…

  • 39% more voters think Cameron is doing a positive job as Tory leader as think he is performing negatively.  Brown’s net rating is minus 4%.
  • 58% agree that "As a chancellor over the past decade Gordon Brown bears a lot of responsibility for the current banking crisis".
  • 70% agree that Government ministers don’t understand the problems facing "ordinary families".
  • By 36% to 26% Cameron is preferred as Prime Minister although Brown enjoys an advantage as best placed to handle the current crisis.

and some good news for Labour…

  • 48% agree with Brown’s line that "This is no time for a novice".
  • 59% think David Cameron is a "lightweight".
  • Only 21% blame "The British government’s policies on tax and spending" for the current difficulties. 61% blame "Banks in America and elsewhere lending irresponsibly".
  • 48% agree that "The Conservative Party doesn’t know how it would deal with the current economic crisis". 29% disagree.

One other interesting finding: Just 24% agreed that "Government should now borrow on a big scale to help families through difficult economic times".  49% disagreed.

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