Beethoven’s Ode to Joy will be used to open European Parliamentary sessions.

The EU flag will fly from all parliamentary buildings.

The European Parliament has also endorsed a Europe Day and motto.

A press release from the EPP group welcomed the vote by MEPs:

"The European Parliament today voted on the report on the usage of the symbols of the European Union by the Parliament. The aim of this proposal is that by reinforcing the already-existing symbols, it brings European citizens closer to the common Europe, the roots."

Tory MEPs voted against the adoption of EU symbols; symbols that were included in the Constitution but dropped for the Lisbon Treaty.

Syed Kamall MEP told ConservativeHome:

"The Labour government told us that the Lisbon Treaty was different to the Constitution since the symbols of the EU had been removed from the text.  However, the European Parliament today voted to use these symbols. Another reason not to believe anything the government told us about the Lisbon Treaty being different to the constitution."

The result of the vote to use EU symbols such as the flag, motto and anthem was celebrated by the EPP in its press release, clearly demonstrating that David Cameron is right to take Conservative MEPs out of the EPP.

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