Tennextsteps_5The newspapers are full of those Bullingdon photographs again.  You would have thought that Labour had learnt the lesson in Crewe and Nantwich.  They tried class war then and it backfired spectacularly.

We still think the Conservative Party would benefit from an earthier feel, however.  David Davis’ resignation left the Tory leadership looking slightly unbalanced.  Eric Pickles is a grassroots favourite, an accomplished campaigner, a northerner and a great communicator.  He should be appointed as Party Chairman at the earliest opportunity in order to blunt any Labour Bullingdon attacks.  We look forward to a Pickles Express visiting key target seats throughout the election campaign.  We’d quite like to be a passenger!

In recommending Eric Pickles for CCHQ we don’t mean to disrespect Caroline Spelman.  Behind-the-scenes she has done a good job for the party but a different frontbench portfolio might be better suited to her talents.

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