YougovTwo opinion polls have shown a modest bounce for the Conservatives from our Party conference.  Yesterday’s ICM survey and today’s YouGov poll for The Telegraph.  A headline lead of 14% would produce a Conservative majority of over 100.  We still would prefer to wait a fortnight to see the underlying state of public opinion.  By then the immediate effects of the Conference season will diminish and the public will also have chance to reflect on Gordon Brown’s reconstruction of his Government.  The details of the YouGov poll are more interesting:

OtherfindingsThe numbers show that the Tories have an edge but they’re far too close for any complacency.

Brown is determined to present himself as the man who can navigate Britain through this crisis.  Labour strategists will be delighted at the 40% to 39% figure in the above results.  They are willing to swallow ‘Lord Sleaze’ headlines if the overall impression that is left by yesterday’s reshuffles is one of an experienced government getting down to tackle serious economic problems.  Conservatives must tackle this challenge by giving serious consideration to new frontbench roles for Ken Clarke and John Redwood (as discussed here two weeks ago).  Conservative members support the return of both men.  These are the results of our recent survey on ‘Returning Big Beasts’ to the Tory frontbench:

"There is some discussion that David Cameron’s first Cabinet should include some of the big beasts from the Major years. Which of the following individuals would you like to return to the frontbench?"


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