Highlights, not verbatim:

4.03pm: Final words: "Better times will lie ahead"

4.02pm: We don’t promise new dawns. I’m a man with a plan not a miracle cure. I’ll stick to my guns and not bottle it when times get tough. Leadership, judgment, character are what Britain needs. These are tough times but I’m optimistic because of Britain’s innovative spirit.

4.01pm: We are a changed party and united. We are making progress in the north. We have won the Mayoralty of London. The Crewe & Nantwich by-election. A metropolitan authority in the North East of England.

Picture_193.58pm: [Olive branch to David Davis with generous mention]. Progressive ends – helping the poor – and conservative means.

3.57pm: With the inspiring help of Iain Duncan Smith we have built our party as the party of social justice.

3.55pm: That 5m people of working age are out of work is bad for our economy, society and for those people. The benefits system encourages a benefits culture. We will end the something for nothing culture. If you don’t take a reasonable job offer you risk losing your benefits.

3.51pm: When families fail a good school is the best second chance for a child.  There aren’t enough good schools – particularly at the secondary school level and in our cities. That’s why Michael Gove will break up the state school monopoly. The election of a Conservative government will mean "a declaration of war" on the idea that all must have prizes.

3.46pm: Many state interventions have been good but many state interventions are now having diminishing returns. Today we must look at the causes of social problems. The family is the best welfare system there is. We will back marriage in the tax system because of the commitment it embodies.

3.45pm: Yes we need to be tough on crime but come with me to Wandsworth prison and yes, you meet the mugger but you also meet the young man who has never been loved or the middle-aged man who has never succeeded.

3.42pm: My great mission is to be as radical on social reform as Margaret Thatcher was on economic reform.  I don’t know what planet people are living on when they say our society is not broken.  [Lists social problems].  Our angry, harsh culture of incivility sums it all up.

3.42pm: We will be the party of the NHS.

3.40pm: Reads a letter from Alan Johnson outlining four bureaucratic ways of complaining about the NHS but not one way of letting people die with dignity.

3.37pm: We will keep our manifesto promises and we fight the European elections on a pledge to hold a referendum on Lisbon.

3.34pm: People are sick of the sleaze in politics. MPs voting on their salaries and the "wretched" John Lewis list have to go. All of our MEP candidates must sign a pledge on code of conduct.

3.33pm: The problem is Labour and that won’t be changed by Miliband or Balls or Harman.

3.32pm: Huge applause for his attack on Labour for believing that people are on their own if government is not at their side.

3.30pm: The Tories have two big missions: Protecting the NHS and mending our broken society.

3.29pm: The Government’s role isn’t just about tax and spend. I don’t believe in laissez-faire. When the south-east is overheating and the north is overheating it’s wrong to give the go-ahead to a third runway at Heathrow. That’s why we’ll build a new high speed rail link to rebalance the economy.

3.28pm: The flight of companies is a big problem. We must help businesses by cutting corporation tax and making it simpler.

3.27pm: I understand business. I admire entrepreneurs. I go to bed with one every night (and I wake up with the same one every morning!).

3.25pm: These changes will help us get taxes down but I’m a fiscal
conservative and will not cut taxes by increasing borrowing
recklessly.  I want to give people some of their money back.

3.23pm: We need to eliminate waste and ineffective quangoes. I’ll be
asking my shadow ministers to review every budget. More important are
the long-term reforms that will improve the public services and reduce
long-term demands on government.

3.20pm: Brown made two big errors. His first big mistake was the
confused arrangements he created for financial supervision. His second
big mistake was to become a spendaholic. I’ve studied economics at a
great university. I’ve worked in business and in the Treasury. But
principles are the most important things. Sound money. Low taxes.

We got to the current mess because the borrowing tap was turned on and
left running. The bankers behaved badly too. They will face their day
of reckoning.

3.16pm: In 1979 Jim Callaghan had held many great offices but
thankfully the country chose Margaret Thatcher. If we listened to the
argument about experience we’d never change government. We’d have
Gordon Brown as PM forever. I won’t go on there are people in balconies
up there!

3.14pm: I have a traditional belief in the rule of law and sound
money. But I’m also a man of a time who believes in a clean
environment. We’ll never be truly rich as long as much of the rest of
the world is poor.  The popular thing may work for a while but the
right thing will always be right.

3.12pm: The family is the most important thing to me. I believe
passionately in the Union. I don’t want to be Prime Minister of England
but of the United Kingdom. Public service is a good way of making a
difference. I’m not an ideologue. My party sometimes can get things
wrong. Other parties can do things right.

3.11pm: We’ll only be a strong society if we are a responsible society.

3.09pm: The Conservative Party is about freedom. That’s why we stood
up for Georgia. But freedom can’t turn into a belief that we don’t have
a responsibility to others. I’m not a libertarian, I’m a Conservative.
The key word for me is responsibility.

3.08pm: I ask the Government not to appeal yesterday’s judgment that will allow Gurkhas to live in Britain.

Picture_63.07pm: We will give our troops the equipment they need and their families the care they deserve.

3.04pm: Let’s not forget that in this difficult financial time we
are a nation at war.  If we fail in Afghanistan the Taliban will come
back and the terrorist training camps will come back and so with them
the slaughter.  We back our troops and their mission 100%.

3.02pm: We will work with Labour in a bipartisan way to help Britain
through the immediate difficulties.  It’s our political duty not to
hold back from pointing out the errors that have led Britain to this
point.  The British people deserve an explanation and a choice.

3pm: David Cameron begins speaking.


2.56pm: Liam Fox introduces a video paying tribute to the armed
forces. There are role models in our country, he says, and they are
serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sayeeda Warsi wishes religious communities greetings for a series of
festivals and then introduces a video for the social action project
that has been taking place at Welsh House Farm in Birmingham.

2.35pm: Various PPCs are speaking before DC’s speech.  Jim McConalogue pays tribute to the intro made by his fellow CentreRighter Louise Bagshawe.

2.21pm: George Osborne says his two year-old judgment – ruling out up front, unfunded tax cuts – has been vindicated.

2.20pm: George Osborne on the Daily Politics: "I don’t agree with much that Simon Heffer writes and that’s being polite."

Representatives queueing to get into Cameron’s speech. Many won’t be
able to get in but will be watching via video in overflow halls. You can watch it live on  A bank of PPCs are sat behind Mr Cameron.

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