VERDICT: Another poor PMQs that taught us little about what the Government or Opposition will do to tackle the recession. Brown was at its worst in not answering questions but Cameron did not deliver any big blows.

Highlights, not verbatim:

Picture_1512.17pm: Philip Hollobone asks the PM to condemn the Black Police Association for discouraging ethnic minorities from joining the Met. Brown replies by promising to look into the matter.  (David Davies MP delivered the message to the Black Police Association yesterday that it was behaving irresponsibly).

12.15pm: Sir George Young asks why the House of Commons sits so infrequently. Brown says he has given Parliament more powers – including approval of the nation going to war.

12.13pm: Nick Clegg calls for the PM to distinguish between good public spending and any public spending.  The LibDem leader calls for big tax reliefs for people on ordinary incomes – paid for by closing tax loopholes.  The PM says that the LibDem policy of cutting £20bn from public spending is the wrong policy for this time.

12.10pm: The Prime Minister has been caught red-handed, spinning that he would be spending to get out of recession but having no plan to do so.  The Prime Minister’s irresponsible boom has become a bust.  Brown counters that the Tories have no policy to take Britain out of recession.  They are not ready for Government, he concludes.

12.08pm: Cameron asks if the PM believes that you can spend your way out of recession?  Brown doesn’t answer.  Cameron then reminds him of words from 1997 when he said that you "can’t spend your way out of recession". 

12.06pm: David Cameron says that Brown’s fiscal rules have been broken.  Brown responds by saying that the Tory position on borrowing is unclear.  The Tories don’t know if they favour more borrowing or less.

12.04pm: David Cameron says it’s impossible to believe that we’re not in a bust when 120 homes are being repossessed every day and the Bank is forecasting that 1.2 million will be in negative equity. If he can’t admit his errors noone will listen to him about the future. Brown attacks Cameron for partisanship and for failing to end Punch and Judy politics.

12.02pm: David Cameron asks (again) if the PM still thinks he has abolished boom and bust. The PM responds by recording key Labour ‘achievements’.

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