Tomorrow’s News of the World reports on its poll by ICM showing Labour will lose 164 seats at the next General Election on an 11.5% swing to the Conservatives. Only twice since 1945 – 1979 and 1997 – has the swing at a General Election exceeded 5%, and in neither was the swing as high.

Intriguingly, the same poll shows a lead for Brown of 43% to 35% on dealing with the credit crunch – but on all other issues, particularly taxation, the NHS, education and immigration, Cameron is in the lead.

Asked who would be the best Prime Minister, 50% said David Cameron and 35% said Gordon Brown. 15% chose Nick Clegg.

The poll also showed strong backing for tax cuts and opposition to tax rises. 78% support a freeze in council tax (17% were against) and 51% supported cutting public spending by £20 billion to allow a reduction in income tax of between 4p and 6p (39% were opposed).

The News of the World has released the full polling data on its web site.

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