These key extracts from David Cameron’s speech has been pre-released:

“If we win, we will inherit a huge deficit and an economy in a mess. We will need to do difficult and unpopular things for the long term good of the country. I know that. I’m ready for that."

"There is a big argument I want to make – about the financial crisis and the economic downturn facing the country too. It’s an argument about experience. To do difficult things for the long-term, or even to get us through the financial crisis in the long term, it’s not experience we need – it’s character and judgment. To rebuild our economy, it’s not more of the same we need, but change.

"Experience is the argument of the incumbent over the ages. Experience is what they always say when they try to stop change."


The BBC has analysed the 400,000 words from the publicly-available speeches that David Cameron has made since he became leader in December 2005.  Read the analysis here but most notable is the consistency of his references to the NHS (and not to immigration) and the fact that Iain Duncan Smith gets more name checks than any other member of his team – a tribute to the importance of IDS’ social justice agenda.

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