Tim Montgomerie writes:

You may see those two words repeated a little more regularly within comment threads over coming days as I launch a clean up.

There has been a resurgence of personal attacks within the threads and I’m determined to stamp the worst of it out.  I’m also bored with the accusation that people who disagree with mainstream Conservative views are inevitably trolls.  I’d prefer to see more people addressing arguments.

If you can’t behave in a civilised way to other comment-ers please don’t bother leaving comments at all.  ConHome’s comments policy is here.

One of the reasons for the recent decline in civility is that Jonathan Isaby still hasn’t joined the team.  I don’t therefore have time to monitor every thread closely.  Please help me to maintain quality by emailing me whenever you see a dodgy comment.  I won’t promise to overwrite everything that upsets but with your help I hope to more actively get rid of the worst.

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